Tiny chip bothering your tongue when you talk? Painful exposed root at your gum line? Pesky stain on your incisor that just won’t budge? Dark filling you would love to go away? Crack right down the middle of your front tooth that’s driving you crazy? Composite bonding is our go-to for all the touch-ups, big or small, your smile could ever need. Patients love composite dental bonding for its versatility, and its convenience – almost any procedure you can think of can be completed in one visit right here in our pampering and comfortable office.

We start by discussing exactly what you want and expect from your cosmetic restoration, custom shading the composite bonding material to fit your needs – either matching your surrounding teeth or brightening your smile with a new shade – and applying the bonding material directly to your tooth or teeth. That’s when our dentists’ artistic ability really comes into play: composite bonding is shaped and sculpted to look perfectly beautiful, then polished to a natural shine. It’s a great choice for those who want a more conservative, temporary, or budget-friendly option, or for younger people who do not want the commitment of restorations like veneers. Your smile will thank you!