Hygiene. Such a clinical-sounding word for such a pleasant experience. At least, that’s what our patients tell us. They love the clean, fresh feeling that they get after their dental cleanings. Our offices use ultrasonic scalers to get teeth their absolutely cleanest, even under the gum line and between teeth, comfortably and efficiently. These ultrasonic devices use sound waves along with a soft jet of water for the gentlest experience you have ever had.

But that’s not all, patients love all the little extras we treat them to when they come in for their regular hygiene visits: come a little early and relax in our soothing waiting areas with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the aromatherapy, then lean back on a scented neck pillow and pull up a cozy blanket for an extra-snuggly feeling. Some patients even take a little nap during their cleanings, the visit is just that agreeable. And of course, you get to leave with teeth that feel so smooth and shiny and look so bright, you can’t stop looking at them. But cleanings aren’t all for fun and relaxation – hygiene visits help prevent gum disease, and that’s important for your whole-body health!