Almost everyone has had to have a filling at one time or another, but the truth is, not all dental fillings are the same. The old-fashioned fillings you probably had placed as a child were dark and made of a metal amalgam that usually contained a combination of metals including Mercury. These metals were not only unattractive, but they could also shift with the changing temperatures that so often occur as you drink and eat hot or cold beverages and foods. Ouch! And when that shifting happened, it exposed the inside of your tooth to bacteria, which is why we so often find more decay under old fillings.

Here at Dental Designs by Alisa Reed, we never place metal fillings in our Woodlands patients’ teeth. Instead, we repair cavities with modern, mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings made of healthier composite materials – the same strong and beautiful material we use for cosmetic composite bonding! They won’t shift or crack, and best of all, these restorations blend beautifully in your smile!