Advanced Dental Technology in The Woodlands

For Improved Health, Beauty, and Comfort

We love technology. Who doesn’t? It makes life easier, more convenient, and always so much more exciting.

That applies to dental technology too. Even though we are all about elegance, aesthetics, and wellbeing, we also get a little geeky over the latest technology.

Twenty years in dentistry hasn’t dulled our dentists’ enthusiasm over a fantastic new piece of dental equipment. Know why? Anything that makes giving our beloved Woodlands and Panther Creek patients more precise and comfortable treatments with better results and increasingly predictable outcomes is truly exciting to us.

Dental Designs by Alisa Reed

Our advanced dental technology includes:

  • Carivu & Sopro Intraoral Cameras to give us an up-close-and-personal view of your oral health while detecting occlusal, interproximal, and recurrent carious lesions and cracks (cavities) – even in their earliest stages. That means fewer cavities, less infection, and much more knowledge! Plus, because the CariVu uses non-ionizing radiation, it is perfect for pregnant women or those who can’t tolerate even digital x-rays.
  • Cone Beam Imaging is considered the gold standard of dental imaging because it allows dentists to clearly see and evaluate all vital oral structures – in three dimensions! This is very important when it comes to diagnosing and planning for dental implants, endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, or anything for which we’d like a more complete picture of your anatomy.
  • The Sirona Diode Soft Tissue Laser for a wide variety of treatments including but not limited to:
    Cold sore/lesion treatment

    • Frenectomies
    • Periodontal care such as pocket decontamination
    • Bone augmentation and other oral surgery

    The diode laser is ideal for even our most sensitive patients in that there is very little noise involved, no pressure or vibrations are felt, no stitches are needed, and usually, little to no anesthetic is required. The Sirona diode laser is so effective, it allows us to perform almost any procedure painlessly and bloodlessly while improving healing, and reducing postoperative inflammation. Our patients love it, and Dr. Reed counts on its ergonomic design, ideal wavelength, and control every day.

  • Hard Tissue Laser for procedures such as fillings; enamel ablation and microbial reduction; surgery; and laser phototherapy to accelerate wound healing, improve tissue repair, reduce pain, and lower inflammation. Why use an old-fashioned drill when light can do the job – and be therapeutic to boot?
  • Fotona ERYAG / NDYAG Lasers for both dental treatments and skin aesthetics – and why not? We treat your smile, why not make you smile a little more? We now offer the breakthrough, “Smoothlase,” a superb way to tighten and smooth the nasolabial folds. The Fontana lasers deliver targeted heat inside the mouth, giving you a “Liplase” or an immediate plumping and firming effect that looks much more natural than dermal fillers and lasts for months. The Fontana lasers can also be used for delicate surface rejuvenation and reducing the appearance of facial veins, lesions, and uneven pigmentation.

We often use a combination of these lasers for treatments. Talk to us about how our advanced dental technology can help you find better health, improved comfort and healing, and radiant beauty. We’re here to get the Woodlands glowing!

Dental Designs by Alisa Reed