Fluoride Treatments

Your teeth are precious – and life can be hard on them. Even things as simple and essential as eating and drinking can have a negative effect on your pearly whites! That morning smoothie, the sports drink you gulp after your workout, the granola bar you munch on your drive home from work – they can all feed acid-producing bacteria and disrupt your enamel. And if you clench your teeth when you are stressed, use your teeth as a tool, chew ice, or munch popcorn with frequency, your enamel is in jeopardy all the time!

We recommend that you try to stick to less acidic beverages as much as possible, (like water! Water is great for your teeth and your body!), avoid testing your teeth on hard stuff, and ask for regular fluoride treatments. That’s right! Fluoride treatments are a great tooth-protector for teeth of all ages. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps remineralize your tooth enamel, strengthening it against daily acid attacks and wear. When used regularly, fluoride can even stop and reverse the formation of early cavities! Why should that be just for kids?