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How many people can say they go to an award-winning dental office? If you are a patient at the office of Dental Arts of Alisa Reed you certainly can!

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How did we win so many awards? By babying our patients!

It’s true. And if you are at all nervous about going to the dentist, you know exactly how important that can be. If you have had an unpleasant dental experience in the past…if you have a strong gag reflex or trouble getting comfortable with your mouth open… if you hate the sounds and smells of the dental office… you might just not be getting the care you need.

Drs. Alisa Reed really believes that everyone should have a good experience with dentistry. Dental care doesn’t have to be a painful chore! That just leads to dental avoidance – and dental avoidance leads to damaged teeth, unhealthy gums, and unattractive smiles.

We certainly don’t want that for our Woodlands friends and neighbors! Instead, we want healthy, bright, whole smiles, cared for without judgement or pain.

Both doctors and the entire team also have decades of experience, top-notch training, and unsurpassed technology. But we know that without a gentle touch and a loving atmosphere, all of that advancement and excellence is just clinical.

I know that once my patients walk out the door, no one can really understand or sympathize with their oral-health experience the way I can. I really do want to know everything – from the slightest discomfort you feel while in the chair to any worry you have before or after your appointment. Talk to me! I am here to listen.” – Dr. Alisa Reed

The No Judgment Zone

Compassion doesn’t come naturally to everyone. That’s why Dr. Reed has gone out of her way to assemble a team that actually works from the heart and not from a place of judgment.

No matter what condition your teeth are in, no matter how embarrassed you are by your smile, we are here to help you, encourage you, cheer you on – not judge you! This is your opportunity to shine, to feel your best, to reach your goals and release the radiant, confident person that has been hiding inside.

Bringing Health and Beauty Together

While many people think of us as a boutique cosmetic practice, we are also a general and restorative dental family offering all the services you could ever need to keep your smile as healthy as nature intended. These two aspects of our profession complement each other perfectly – Dr. Reed never performs a cosmetic procedure without considering your foundational oral health, and they never treat your oral health without taking into consideration the appearance of your smile. At Dental Designs By Alisa Reed, health and beauty really do go hand in hand – every visit, every smile.